Top 10 symptons suggesting that one may have diabetes mellitus

It is important  that  everyone should know the usual symptoms of diabetes mellitus so that should  one observe any of them, one should appropriately seek medical attention. This prevents the  person presenting to the hospital emergency room with diabetic crises.  The top 10 symptoms of diabetes mellitus are :

  1. passage of frequent, large amount of urine per day.

  2. Excessive drinking of water arising from excessive feeling of thirst.

  3. Feeling of tiredness and general body weakness

  4. Excessive feeling of  hunger and  increased appetite

  5. Unexplained weight loss despite good  appetite and excessive eating of food.

  6. Passage of urine that is very sugary in taste

  7. Having foot or leg ulcer that is finding it difficult to heal.

  8. Blurring of vision or deteriorating  eyes sight. Because of this, a significant number of people are diagnosed diabetic by the eye doctors.

  9. In women, vaginal discharge and itching could be the initial symptoms noticed while in men, the  presenting symptom could be poor erection or impotence.

  10. Finally,  diabetes mellitus could  present,  for the first time,  with an acute or chronic complication of diabetes mellitus such as unconsciousness, stroke, heart attack, abnormal  sensations in the feet/legs etc.

When one or a combination of these symptoms are noted in an individual,  it’s  wise  to seek medical attention. Delays  can be dangerous……..

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