Top 10 actors (…and actresses) in the diabetes train

Life is a stage. All of us are actors and actresses. Living with diabetes is a journey. It’s not a destination. Today, someone living with diabetes is here but by tomorrow, the person is there.

In the diabetes journey, there are potholes, bumps, gullies, valleys and hilltops. To keep the diabetes train on course, several actors have been enlisted.

Not just two or three.

  1. The person living with diabetes is the main character and the chief actor. He or she is at the driver’s seat. He or she is the reason for the journey. He or she is at the centre of the stage always. Once the person living with diabetes quit the stage, kick the bucket, the diabetes train will come to a halt and the rest actors will go their ways.

  2. The caregivers to the persons living with diabetes are the train conductors. They assist the train driver, serving the same roles as bus conductors. They provide all the immediate needs of the train drivers on a daily basis and as long as the train is moving.

  3. First degree relatives of people living with diabetes and they include their spouses, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Many a time, they provide money and other resources to fuel and maintain the train. They, also, play the roles of caregivers in some cases.

  4. People made motherless or fatherless by diabetes mellitus are important actors and actresses. They’re filled with a passion to deal with diabetes mellitus. Once beaten is twice shy! Yours sincerely was rendered fatherless by diabetes mellitus. That may, partly, explain why I am at the forefront of this journey.

  5. Health care providers are important actors in the diabetes drama. They are at the centre of the actions and are like coaches to the team.The more sophisticated and skillful they are, the smoother the journey may be.

  6. Pharmaceutical organisations producing, distributing, marketing and retailing drugs and products used in diabetes care are important stakeholders in the diabetes journey. Water, diesel, fuel etc are essential ingredients needed to keep the train in motion. They are provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

  7. Non governmental organisations (NGOs), civil society organisations and other diabetes support groups are key actors and change agents in the diabetes journey. They’re involved in diabetes self management education and support.

  8. People in government are not left behind in the diabetes journey. Policies, regulations and laws that shape the rail line of the diabetes train is provided by government and it’s agencies. Their actions or in-actions can make or mar any good intentions of the other actors.

  9. The media organisations are part of the team. They signal the arrivals and departures of the diabetes train. Information and education are critical to good diabetes care and advocacy.

And finally….

  1. The rest of us who are currently without diabetes mellitus. They are like the passengers in the train. They can make or mar the journey. When these actors play to instructions or act as directed by the health care providers, less of the citizens will be victims of the diabetes drama.

These top 10 actors and actresses constitute the team and the squad in the diabetes journey. A team has better chances of being victorious when she plays as a team. If we play well as a team, why must the International Diabetes Federation, IDF. projection of 700 million people in the world to live with diabetes by 2045 come true? What do you think?

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