How to live with diabetes mellitus and subsequently make your children wealthy

The statistics are not heart-warming. According to the latest (8th) IDF Diabetes Atlas, 425 million people are living with diabetes currently and the projection is that by 2045, 700 million people will have diabetes mellitus. The question is: what can and should we do to ensure the 2045 projection does not become a reality?

All of us have one role or the other to play. If we do our bits,  then as a team,  the results can be amazing.  It’s a popular saying in my community that it is only a tree that just stays where it is when a man is coming to cut it down. Most other beings will  run away or attack the predator.

Diabetes mellitus is on our trail. We’re not trees and should not stand still like a tree. Lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) have a lot to do with type 2 diabetes.

Someone living with diabetes can make his/her kids wealthy. He/she does this by influencing the lifestyles of their children such that they do not develop obesity and type 2 diabetes. Childhood and youth obesity is on the increase globally. Many of such children with obesity are the children of those  who are currently living with type 2 diabetes. Be a mentor to  our children so they don’t make the same mistakes you made. Diabetes mellitus is a strong pauperizing disease….. Enrich your kids and facilitate their being wealthy by helping them live without type 2 diabetes. Yes,  if you mentor your kids well while living with diabetes such that they do not develop type  2 diabetes, you  have  effectively removed a strong poverty – inducer in their lives. Catch them young; tell them what is afflicting you and the place of diets,  physical  exercise,  tobacco smoking, alcohol, obesity etc in the  big picture. Health care professionals are already overwhelmed by the  enormity of the diabetes assignments. But,  together we can make the necessary impact.

In conclusion,  the choice is ours….to make the day brighter. We can make it!

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