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New International Diabetes  Federation (IDF)  Diabetes Atlas Released……

IDF Diabetes Atlas is a publication by International Diabetes Federation, published every two  years, to give  estimates of facts and figures about diabetes  around the world. Last IDF Diabetes Atlas was in 2015 before  this  latest one (the 8th) which has just  been  released early December 2017 to mark this year’s World Diabetes Day celebration.

Highlights of the  8th IDF Diabetes Atlas are as follows:

1. About 425 million people in the  world are currently living with diabetes; and this translates to 1 out of 11 adults in the  world. Again,  2/3 of people with diabetes (279 million diabetic patients) live in urban areas..

2. About 212 million people have diabetes mellitus but are not yet diagnosed. This translates to 1 in 2 adults currently living with diabetes.

3. About 327 million people in the world living with diabetes are of working age and this figure is roughly 2/3 of adults living with diabetes..  Eight (8) million people in the world living with diabetes are elderly (more than 65 years).

4. Over 200 million women in the world are currently living with diabetes mellitus. Again,  1 in 6 births is affected by hyperglycemia in pregnancy.

5. There is a projection that 700 million people will be living with diabetes mellitus by 2045.

6. Finally,  over 1 million children and adolescents are living with type 1 diabetes mellitus…..

This is the global situation report…. Nigeria and other countries of the sub-Saharan Africa are part of this mess.

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