Diabetes Mellitus – the stark realities before us!

Years ago,  diabetes mellitus(DM) was regarded as a disease  of the affluent, the rich in the society. Today, the picture has changed.  The poor, rich, middle class, youths, middle aged, elderly and even children are now being afflicted by DM.

By the  year 2013, about 371 million people  in the  world were  living with  DM and  about  5 million Nigerians were affected. Prevalence of DM in Nigeria  varies depending on the locality…. low in the  rural areas (0.6% in rural Mangu in the North) but 6.8% and 11.0% in Portharcourt and  Lagos respectively. The prevalence of DM worldwide is increasing and it is  projected by the  World Health Organization (WHO)  that 552 million people will be living with DM by 2030.

With this scenario, a battle line is drawn between DM, obesity,  hypertension, cancers and other non-communicable diseases on one side versus the  rest of us. We cannot fold our arms and  pretend  that  nothing is going on wrong.

On our  side, we need a TEAM.  A formidable  team, indeed, with the following  team players to be  recruited:

1. People living  with  diabetes

2. Caregivers  of people living with  diabetes

3. First degree relatives of people living with  diabetes

4. People  rendered fatherless or and  motherless by diabetes mellitus

5. Health care professionals – which includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical  laboratory scientists etc

6. Pharmaceutical companies

7. Government of the  day

8.  The  rest of the population who are  without diabetes now.

This blog  – www.diabetesxperts.com – is born out of  a necessity to  serve as the  COACH of the proposed  team. To equip  the team with  all it takes to:

a.  Prevent diabetes mellitus

b.  Live and  age gracefully with DM and

c.  Have a much  less  turbulent  journey living with DM.

I will conclude  this  opening post of the blog by saying:

We are the  world

We are  the  children

We are the ones  to make a brighter day

So,  let’s start giving!!

I am convinced that  as a TEAM,  we will  win the  battle over diabetes  mellitus. Yes,  together we can!



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