Diabetes mellitus – life is all about making choices!

  • Deciding to do regular routine medical check up even when one is apparently “well” is a choice.

Deciding to visit the  hospital when a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus is made and  not to  a herbal home, church /ministry, spiritual  center or stay at home is a choice.

Deciding  which hospital to  patronize – private,  government-owned, primary or tertiary health facility is a choice.

Deciding which antidiabetic medications a doctor should give  to a person living with diabetes – whether oral antidiabetic drugs, insulin or other injectable agent is  a choice.

Deciding to key into certain lifestyle changes as regards ones diets, engaging in moderate intensity aerobic exercise, stopping tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking and avoiding much sugar rich beverages is a choice.

Deciding to adhere to clinic follow ups, taking of prescribed medications religiously and self monitoring of ones blood glucose is a choice.

Finally, accepting decisions of the managing medical team including accepting lower limb amputation of a gangrenous leg or not is a choice.

In life, it’s all about making choices. Every minute, hour, day, month and year,  we are making choices whose outcome could be good or bad.

Soon, I will  share my story of a (not too good) choice made in our MEDICAL WARD!!

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