A simple way to calculate your ideal body weight…

Obesity in children and young persons is on the increase world wide and obese persons have much more chances of being afflicted with diabetes mellitus than the non-obese persons.

It is because of the strong link and relationship between obesity and diabetes mellitus that prompted this post on calculating one’s ideal body weight. You will love it….

For everyone, whether living with diabetes or not, that one’s weight is 56kg, 70kg or 85kg doesn’t convey much meanings. It doesn’t tell you whether the weight is normal or too much.
What do I mean?

Your height must be taken into account to make a conclusion on your weight. To do this, you need to calculate your BODY MASS INDEX (BMI).
BMI is calculated as follows:

BMI = weight (in kg) divided by height (in metres) squared.

For example, if Mrs Smith weighs 70kg and her height is 1.50 metres,
her BMI will be:
70 divided by 1.50 x 1.50
That will be 70/2.25
Therefore, her BMI = 31.1kg/m2

Conclusions from BMI:
BMI is <18kg/m2 = underweight
BMI is 18-24.9kg/m2 = normal
BMI is 25-29.9kg/m2 = overweight
BMI is 30kg/m2 and above = obesity

Please, calculate your BMI now. I will be happy if yours is normal. Mrs Smith above is obese.

Your ideal body weight refers to the weight at which if your height and gender is taken into consideration, your BMI will be normal (ie between 18-24.9kg/m2. It is the healthy weight for you!

There’s a simple formula I will show you to calculate your ideal body weight.
Your ideal body weight is :

Males: 50kg + (2.3kg x number of inches above 5 feet).
Females: 45.5kg + (2.3kg x number of inches above 5 feet)

Note that this formula applies only to persons who are more than 5 feet in height ie 60 inches or 1.52metres.

The calculation is simple, isn’t it? Go ahead now and calculate your ideal body weight. Make it a new year resolution to achieve your ideal body weight in 2018. Make sure you have, also, calculated your BMI.
Thereafter, hit the COMMENT BOX for whatever clarifications. I am there for you. Wishing you the best in 2018.

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