A choice in the medical ward….

Mr Zack (not real name), aged 49,  has lived with diabetes for 10 years.

He matched on a stick stump and had a minor wound. Neighborhood nurse cared for the wound.

Three weeks later, whole foot got  swollen and painful

He consulted a herbal healer who said it was a type of poison called “acha ere” in local parlance. Antidote was commenced.

Four weeks later,  story did not change. He left the herbalist and presented at a private general practitioner’s office.

One week later, he was  referred to a Federal Medical Center where he was  reviewed by the  endocrinologist, plastic surgeon and orthopedic surgeon.

Verdict. He has gangrene of the  affected foot and would  need  amputation.

Time to take decision!! Zack chose to be discharged home against medical advice. He chose to  die instead of losing a part of his body. And, he died, at 49.

Choice made. End of  my story….. Leave your  comments.

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