5 facts people should know why diabetes mellitus is not curable

Some practictioners promise people living with diabetes  that after taking their treatments, they will have a cure for diabetes mellitus. This is bogus and  deceptive. Why is this so?

  1. In people that have type 1 diabetes mellitus, the beta cells of their pancreas have been totally destroyed by autoimmune disease process leading to  absolute insulin deficiency. But,  in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients, about 50-75 percent of their pancreatic beta cells are destroyed by the time they are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus  resulting in  relative insulin deficiency. In the  latter, with time, the remaining beta cells will be depleted of insulin.  Because no medication – orthodox, herbal etc can revive a dead pancreas,  it’s obvious that  diabetes mellitus is not curable.

  2. Inability of the  target cells in the body (mainly liver, fat cells and skeletal muscle) to respond appropriately  to  circulating insulin (referred to as insulin  resistance) is another  means by which type 2 diabetes mellitus results.  Currently,  there are drugs  targetting this insulin  resistance but they don’t completely reverse it. Thus, one  can’t talk of cure for  diabetes mellitus.

  3. There’s some  disorders involving the  satiety center in the  brain resulting in disorders of appetite and resultant obesity. This is not easily corrected.

  4. Abnormal high production of glucose by the  liver cells is, also,  central to onset of  type 2 diabetes. This process is not curable.

  5. Finally, there are, also,  disorders of gut hormones and kidney reabsorption disturbances which have been found to contribute to type 2 diabetes developing in a person.

Because the above processes involved in diabetes mellitus development cannot be totally reversed by herbs, nutritional products  or drugs ,  one  cannot  talk of a cure for diabetes mellitus. At least  for now!  One has to live with it all the days of his/ her life.

However, there are promising developments in the  care of  people living with diabetes mellitus. The future is obviously bright.

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