3 known facts why someone could develop diabetes mellitus

Factors that increase ones chances or risks of suffering diabetes mellitus in the  future include family history of diabetes,  being overweight or obese, indulging in sedentary lifestyle, eating food rich in sugar, having hypertension, not exercising and (for a woman) delivering a baby  weighing more than 4kg. One may have one or more of these risk factors and still  not  develop diabetes. There are three known facts in people that develop diabetes.

Firstly,  the beta cells of the  person’s pancreas produce insufficient insulin or produce no insulin at all. This could be from autoimmune diseases, drugs, infections, injuries, tumours etc causing damage to the pancreas. The  resultant effect is absolute or relative insulin  deficiency,  and  therefore diabetes mellitus.

The second known fact why someone may develop diabetes mellitus is failure of the  target cells to respond as it should to insulin. The  main  target organs where insulin act include skeletal muscles, liver and  fat cells. In this group of people, their  pancreas produce adequate amount of insulin but the target cells are non responsive to the insulin. This is called insulin  resistance and  it’s a known fact  causing diabetes mellitus.

Finally, degenerative changes involving the pancreas as a result of ageing or disease conditions is known to  cause diabetes mellitus. It is  known  that  with repeated injuries, insults, infections, inflammation etc to the pancreas  over time, the beta cells of the  pancreas will begin to function below expectations. One developing diabetes mellitus after 80 years of age  could  just be  part of the ageing  process involving all organs  of the  body.

However,  diabetes mellitus is not due to demons,  spiritual attacks, poison from enemies or due to  any curse

With this knowledge, you are in a good  position to  educate the  rest of us who still have lots of superstitions about  diabetes mellitus.

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