Diabetes mellitus and enjoying life – an encounter with Juddy who just commenced her diabetes journey…

A journey of a thousand miles start one day; starts with a step and then another.

Juddy, 52, was recruited into the diabetes convoy when she complained of fatigue and blurring of her vision. Her blood glucose on the eventful day was 346mg/dl.

The news of her diabetes status was so depressing and overwhelming. She asked many why’s….
Why me?
Why now?
God, how can?
What have I done to have this?
And many other unanswered questions….

Juddy had a very humble beginning. She claimed she had suffered all her life – from childhood, she grew up as one of six children of a widow, passed through thick and thin to acquire secondary and university education, toiled with her not affluent husband to acquire wealth and the ingredients of weaith.

Just when she and her husband seemed to have wrestled themselves away from poverty, diabetes reared her very ugly head.

“So, I cannot enjoy myself”, Juddy wondered.
“I cannot enjoy my wealth and all I have laboured for. As a child, my parents could not afford eggs, meat, ice-cream and the other delicacies children enjoy”.

Just when Juddy can afford all these and more, diabetes mellitus stepped in and her primary care physician has placed her on a strict ‘diabetic diet’.

What a life?

The question, then, is….

Can the likes of Juddy who live with diabetes mellitus really “enjoy their lives?”.

Can they “enjoy their wealth” while sharing the same roof with diabetes?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to propose the motion that Juddy and her cohorts can enjoy life – enjoy it abundantly and to the fullest while living with diabetes.

Ask me, how?

Firstly, starting with what to eat and what not to eat, there’s no much difference again in what to eat between someone living with diabetes and a normal person. A person living with diabetes eats basically the same diet as any other member of their household with a caveat that a person living with diabetes should eat small but frequent meals. Consumption of food/beverages rich in refined sugar, alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking which are not good for persons living with diabetes are equally not good for anyone else (irrespective of diabetes status).

Secondly, every aspects of life where enjoyment can be found are freely accessible to persons living with diabetes. Such aspects of life include playing, exercising, dancing, creating wealth, travelling, praying and worshipping God, politicking and taking up leadership roles etc. Persons living with diabetes enjoy all those and more.

Tell me, is there any aspect of life that persons living with diabetes are excluded from enjoying?


And, finally…

Fortunately, type 2 diabetes mellitus which constitute 85 – 97 percent of all persons living with diabetes develops mainly about the age group of 45 – 65 years. By this time, most people would have had their babies and had enjoyed their lives. Other illnesses apart from diabetes rear up their ugly heads about this time too. So, diabetes mellitus is not alone about that age.

Diabetes mellitus demands only some level of discipline and that sufferers should be moderate in everything. Moderation in what they eat, drink and in other lifestyles activities is not asking too much.

With these few points, I have established one fact. That people living with diabetes do, can and should enjoy life. Yes, they enjoy life as long as they are willing to pay some price.

There is no free lunch anywhere in the world! There’s always a price, an opportunity cost for any desired end or position in life. For persons living with diabetes, the price is self discipline and moderation in ones lifestyles. These are not too big a price for “enjoyment of one’s life”.