10 important steps one should take when rendered fatherless or motherless by diabetes mellitus

A loved one living with diabetes mellitus is an actor/actress in the diabetes drama. He/she will quit the stage one day at a certain minute and hour. If you have the golden opportunity of being a caregiver to such person living with diabetes, then, be ready for more responsibility when the loved one living with diabetes passes on.

Underlisted are 10 important steps a caregiver of a person living with diabetes should take after the actor/actress had quit the stage or kicked the bucket.

  1. As soon as it happens, that a loved one living with diabetes has passed on, cry, weep and mourn the person as much as one deems enough. Don’t hold back the grief reaction. It’s natural to express such emotions when a loved one joins the ancestors.
    So, please,one should do the needful and move on with his/her life.

  2. Resolve that you will not live with diabetes. Confess positively as regards not going to live with diabetes. There’s power in spoken words as written in the Bible (Proverbs 23:7) that “whatever a man thinketh and believeth” becomes his reality sooner or later.

  3. Thank God for everything as we have been admonished to be thankful to God in every situations. After all, an actor/actress will eventually quit the stage at one point in time despite the ovations he/she is receiving. There’s a time for everything…a time to sow and a time to reap, a time for birth and a time for death etc, etc.

  4. Be consoled that it’s usual and normal that one should bury one’s dad or mom. The converse is abnormal. A dad or mom should not bury the child! After all, it has been shown that the essence of Medicine is not to prevent death but to make it possible for people to die in order…in other words, first come, first served.

  5. Take proactive measures to actualize one’s resolution not to live with diabetes mellitus.
    When made fatherless or motherless by diabetes, one should read extensively about diabetes mellitus, noting the causes, risk factors, associated illnesses, prevention and lifestyle measures to delay or prevent diabetes mellitus.

  6. One should become an instrument of change. For instance, having been close to a late dad or mom, one should warn his/her siblings that they are all at risk of being afflicted by type 2 diabetes. That type 2 diabetes mellitus can be delayed till old age or prevented should be emphasized to the siblings, workmates and friends of the person made fatherless or motherless by diabetes mellitus.

  7. Such a person who became fatherless or motherless because of diabetes and who was involved in the care of their late parent should use the self-care skills acquired to assist people living with diabetes. For example, they should become volunteer diabetes educators and impart diabetes self management education to people living with diabetes.

  8. One should donate all weapons of self care used by late parents to needy persons living with diabetes. Such armaments of self care include glucometer and strips, insulin injections, Combi-9 strips, ketone metres etc.

  9. Such a person whose dad or mom died from diabetes mellitus should start a charity or diabetes support group especially if he/she has the financial resources and or political clout to do so.
    After all;
    “We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones to make a brighter
    So, let’s start giving”.

  10. When such a person meet someone living with diabetes, he/she should offer love, compassion and hope. Hope that it’s gonna be alright is an important ingredient to keep on with the race.

In conclusion, having lived with or cared for a dad or mom who eventually succumbed to diabetes mellitus offers one a privilege to touch the lives of those afflicted by diabetes. With the current increased number of people living with diabetes mellitus in the world, people rendered fatherless or motherless by diabetes should be in the forefront of the war against diabetes mellitus.

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